Organize Your WordPress Media Library with 4 Awesome Plugins

When it comes to Content Management Solution (CMS), WordPress has remained to be the choice of most web developers as well as users. Since its inception in 2003, this publishing system has gained popularity in the world of SEO.
Aside from its features and creative themes, WordPress boasts of plugins that makes it easy to use and manageable. Moreover, it also has its own media library in which users can upload videos, audio files and images to the site by dragging and dropping them to the library. By clicking the upload button, WordPress will do the rest. But wait, there’s more!
Did you know that you can do more with your media library than just uploading files? WordPress also has a built-in editor that lets you optimize your media files to make it SEO-friendly. The media library is also now designed with a new grid layout that came with the WordPress 4.0 update. But this does not end here. By making use of the available plugins, organizing your media library is a cinch.

Optimize Search with Enhanced Media Library

As you keep on adding files to your media library, it can be daunting to search for a particular image of audio file at times. Enhanced Media Library is the plugin you need to install. Not only can it let you create a new media file type, say PDF, to organize your files, it also allows you to categorize your media files via taxonomies, that is, you can have both parent and sub-categories, elements that will reduce search time significantly.

Remove Duplicates with Media File Sizes

When you upload an image to your media library, WordPress creates duplicates of the file in various sizes. Not that it can affect your site when it comes to Google index. However, it can flood your gallery and for most users, one or two copies of the same will suffice. The Media File Sizes plugin helps you on this aspect. This allows you to eliminate duplicate files by sorting your files by size.

Add Free Images with ImageInject

As its name suggests, this plugin allows you to add images to your WordPress site. These images, however, will come from other sources that are free for download. What’s great about this plugin is that you need not set it up, simply install and activate it, then it’s ready for use. Imageinject lets you choose images from either Flickr or Pixabay and if you have no available images for a certain blog post, this plugin will come in handy.

Downsize Files with Imsanity

Fit for blogs that can work without high resolution images, Imsanity can reduce the size of an image in your preferred scale to streamline your blog. If your file is too large, this plugin automatically downsizes the image to fit the page. It also has other features like the option to convert .bmp files to JPEG and to resize images in bulk.
Streamlining your WordPress Media Library is doable and easy. With the available free and premium plugins users and web developers can take advantage of, organizing your media library allows you to make the most of its features and increase your web traffic. We can help you install plugins, contact us now!